Fairchild Limiting Amplifiers files

[660_670_Data.pdf] (64kB) Technical Bulletin

[670_CompPlacement.pdf] (422kB) 670 Limiter Component Layout (Rear View)

[670_Manual.pdf] (1041kB) Model 670 Stereo Limiter Instruction Manual

[670_RBT.pdf] (1041kB) Prüfbericht RBT Nürnberg für Fairchild Begrenzerverstärker Typ 670

[670_Schematic.pdf] (432kB) 670 Schematic

[670_schematics_redrawn.png] (221kB) 670 Schematic redrawn

[670_schem.pdf] (531kB) Another 670 schematic redrawn

[670_schemo_hires.zip] (6257kB) Huge hires 670 schematic

[Fairchild.jpg] (70kB) Fairchild 670 front view

[Fairchild_663.jpg] (134kB) Fairchild 663 optical solid state limiter

[Fairchild_662.jpeg] (88kB) Fairchild 662 solid state preamp


Expect more to come

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