Racking the V372/1

This is an excellent racking job by [Eledanca/Mik] a regular of [GroupDIY].

It has got a [Bo Hansen DI-box] for instruments. The relay switch at the far left is a mike Z-match switch, when it is in off position sound passes throgh an H pad 1200, 820, 1200 ohm inside the pre, when in on position the pad net is bypassed. This feature is particulary usefull for maching old standard mics to the nowdays ones, generally it's not needed but if you use a ribbon mik or a modern rode tube mik , it is necessary. The second switch is a normal H pad -20 db 680,150, 680, ohm. The third one is a phase revers and the forth one activates + 48 volt phantom power.

The power supply is the one I found at [Tommytone's site] ; the one for the neve clone. It carries 3 different voltages +24,+48,+6 V for the lamp and relay, be sure to use a very good cooler especially for the +6v IC that is a quite sensible unit. It can become very hot and drop down the voltage from 6v to 2,2 v driving the relay crazy.




Expect more to come

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